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[URE-031] (English subbed) The Masterpiece Brought To Life!! Original Story By Kyoden Sanbun, The Master Of The Adult Comic World!! The Snow Village First Volume

Finally!! here we go. URE-031, how to explain it. An extremely ambitious JAV movie, that aims for perfection and ends up in a little bit of overkill. IMO. But don’t get me wrong, the whole thing is veeeeeery good. One of the best drama JAV I watched ever, easily.

The story is very thick, as per usual with doujin adaptations, but this time even more. Suffice to say, the first part is 4-hour long, and it concludes in URE-032, another whopping 4-hours (yes, will be done too).

PLOT = Yukiko and Hideo are married and have a son, Shuichi. Encouraged by Hideo’s sister Natsumi they move to a remote village in the mountains to seek a more quiet lifestyle out of the city. They will soon discover that life in the village is completely different from what they are used to.

The village and the villagers live in a little ecosystem where they developed their own code and their own set of rules. In fact, they live quite apart from the rest of the world. It’s hard to reach in these mountains, as the transportation methods are scarce. They brew their own sake and grow their food. Even the village chief is in charge of the law.

Without telling much spoilers, this family will discover this Village has Old traditions that they will be forced to follow.

Actors = Honda Misaki plays a more central role as the Wife and Mother of the family. She is simply gorgeous and she plays the tormented lady role quite well.

Matsui Yuko plays the Sister, who was already living in this village.

Abeno Miku is a fantastic addition, but at least in this first part has a more secondary role, except for a final blowjob, which quite honestly, was out of this world. Hot damn…

The male actors deserve a mention too because they are the soul of this video, and they did a really great job.

The video production is what really makes this video. Extremely well done and they care to detail, literally flawless except for the fact that the whole thing is 4 hours and it drags a little.

The sex scenes are very well done too. They cover a really huge range of fetishes, including NTR, gangbang, creampie, Shota, loli, humilliation, cuckold, etc. And over all of them, that crazy well-done outdoors sex scene (there’s 2 of them). Truly not to be missed.

The original story is called “沙雪の里” done by Kyoden Sanbun. The plot is very rich and thick and develops nicely. Not much to complain about except the length. Overall = 5/5.

What do you think?

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