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[RCTD-021] (English subbed) Possessed Werewolf Game – Body Jack Mystery

A school bus driver is a demon too, with an ability to introduce himself in the body of others, and he uses this dark power to introduce himself in the bodies of the young schoolgirls, with ill intentions. But just a girl at a time, he also has the ability to jump from one body to another. Hence the game and mystery, to discover who is the possessed girl?

Why does the demon do this?. One, because the bodies of these girls are young, and he can feel the youth and the joy of being young again. And 2nd because these girls are pretty hot, and he can effectively do lewd things.

Big props to the actresses. Who does such a fantastic acting-job. Especially, Miyazaki Yukari who opens the can on the first scene and is truly hilarious. With her acting like a perverted old man, she just kills it.

Aine on the 2nd scene was so effin’ hilarious too. After that, the sex scenes accelerate…

For me, it’s a great video. That despite the cover which is quite disgraceful, tbh, but the inside video is pretty funny.

What do you think?

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