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[AVOP-155] (English Sub) Blind Love. I’d Be So Lonely Without My Dad. Ayane Suzukawa

AVOP-155 has an extremely rich plot, with a lot of outdoors filming and fine details which accomplish for a really immersive experience. And moreover, it has the true GOAT ending, a perfect shocker ending for a great video. An ending which makes more sense if one has watched the rest of the video.

The plot = Shingo is an ex-gang member who ends up in prison and upon release, he bumps into an abandoned girl who he adopts (Mariko), off the record. The story takes place 18 years later and also involves Kuroki, the old parole officer of Shingo.

The director did an incredibly good job and this video should be a masterclass for any other director, even it’s understandable that such level of effort it’s hard to be replicated often.

Superb acting by both Suzukawa Ayane and Mitsu (Shingo) who are the soul of this video, it was such a nice touch that in the end, they both found their happiness.

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